Anxious Twitter Users React to Slow Election Results With Hilarious Memes

Stay entertained while awaiting vote counts from Nevada and Pennsylvania

Donald Trump Joe Biden Election 2020
Photo credit: Getty Images

While Americans continued to wait for final votes to be counted in states like Pennsylvania and Nevada, there were at least memes and jokes to pass the time. By Thursday afternoon, it still wasn’t known whether incumbent Republican president Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden would hit 270 electoral votes and claim the White House, so the humor was really appreciated.

Celebrities got in on the action, with actresses Liz Jenkins and Viola Davis using music to show what the counting in Nevada might look like.

Members of the media were also involved. Katie Couric posted a meme that said, “With all this stress eating, I’ll be at 270 before either candidate will be.” The Washington Post’s Gene Park posted a video of a lazy, sleeping cat being startled awake Wednesday and joked it was how Nevada would respond if asked for totals.

By Thursday, not much had changed in Nevada and Park wrote that it was “very annoying this is still relevant.”

The Post’s Karen Tumulty reacted to Trump’s call to “stop the count” by imagining he was talking about a bathroom scale.

Here are a few other funny posts from the stressful past few days, mostly clowning Nevada.


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