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‘Furious 7’ Parody You Need to Watch Proves Tractors Can Be ‘Fast & Furious,’ Too (Video)

Polish remake of trailer is a goofy ode to the blockbuster starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker

“Furious 7” has been called ridiculous in more than a few reviews due to the bevy of over-the-top stunts, but a group of bespectacled Polish comedians has managed to match the absurdity of the franchise by creating a shot-by-shot trailer parody on a farm, complete with exploding tractors.

And since they’re using all of the dialogue and sound effects found in an international trailer for the record-breaking blockbuster from Universal Pictures, there’s no language barrier for American viewers.

The parody has racked up 2.2 million views on YouTube since being released last week, and deservedly so.

Watch the video for a good laugh on a tight budget — just don’t expect an emotional Paul Walker tribute.