‘Futurama’ Comes to ‘Fortnite’ With New Crossover Event

Though the teaser announcing the collaboration is light on details, it includes a date and some promising imagery

Zoidberg and Bender in "Futurama." (Matt Groening/Hulu)

“Futurama” fans can expect the show’s zaniness to infiltrate the multiplayer video game “Fortnite” starting Wednesday, per a teaser dropped on the game’s X (formerly known as Twitter) account with accompanying text that reads “ALL HAIL HYPNOTOAD. 7.26.23.”

The crossover is an interactive promotion for the “Futurama” show’s Hulu revival, which kicked off on Monday.

Details are scarce as to what sort of “Futurama” content “Fortnite” players can expect, but if this collaboration is anything like other instances of “Fortnite” cross-promotion, expect character skins and wacky cosmetics themed after the show.

These items will likely all be purely visual elements that offer no exclusive in-game benefits besides aesthetically differentiating players from each other, ensuring the game remains competitively balanced for those who don’t care about “Futurama” digital apparel.

This outcome would make the “Futurama” tie-in comparable to the recent “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” “Fortnite” event, wherein players could grab Miles Morales and Spider-Man 2099 skins in addition to various “Spider-Verse” cosmetics.

However, the collaboration could go bigger. Back when “Avengers: Infinity War” hype was huge, “Fortnite” had an “Avengers” collaboration that saw a new mode arrive in the game built around Thanos and his infinity gauntlet, which radically altered the flow of gameplay. Mind you, “Infinity War” was a massive movie with global hype behind it, so it’s not overly likely “Futurama” is going to receive similar treatment. Even so, it’s a possibility.

An Epic Games representative did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

For anyone out of the loop on “Fortnite” and its immense popularity, it’s a competitive, arena-based game wherein 100 players fight to survive until only one person remains. The game’s massive audience has enabled all kinds of high-profile collaborative events between the “Fortnite” team and major brands such as “Star Wars” and Sony’s A-list game franchises. “Fortnite” even managed to become an Olympic e-sport, helping to define the very concept of what a virtual Olympic event will look like going forward.