Fyre Festival Fail: Kendall Jenner-Promoted ‘Next Coachella’ Postponed After ‘FEMA’-Like Setup

“Barely any food or water or security or electricity,” one festival-goer reports

fyre festival

Kendall Jenner promoted it on her Instagram. It was to be the “next Coachella,” except that it was being held on an island — not the California desert. It was touted as a luxury festival, with some VIP packages on sale for up to $250,000, some packages including a private yacht.

It was the Fyre Festival, which kicked off on Thursday, held on a private island in the Bahamas “once owned by Pablo Escobar.”

And by accounts gathered by The Washington Post, it was a complete and utter bust.

One festival goer said the tents set up for guests to stay in were more like “FEMA tents” than high-dollar luxury tents. The band Blink-182 bowed out at the last minute. Staffers were few and far between. And the high-class cuisine that was promised? Not so much:

Ja Rule was one of the event’s organizers, for which the lowest ticket price was $450. The package that was being pushed the most, however, was the $12,000 one.

Guests were not happy to say the least.

Now the festival has been postponed “due to unforeseen and extenuating circumstances.”

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