Gabrielle Union Mocks Kevin McCarthy’s ‘Bring It On’ Challenge to Matt Gaetz After Speaker Ousted

The forecast for McCarthy is icy

On Monday, Kevin McCarthy replied to Rep. Matt Gaetz’s motion to oust him as Speaker of the House by tweeting, “Bring it on.” This was interpreted as a reference to the revered 2000 cheerleading film by the same name by none other than Gabrielle Union, the inimitable leader of the film’s Clovers squad. Union replied with a GIF of herself from the movie that can only be interpreted as, “You really tried, huh?” after McCarthy’s removal was announced.

Many people were thrilled with Union’s impeccable offering. Twitter user Joseph Kirkland shared a second GIF from the movie that quotes the Clovers’ iconic “Brr, it’s cold in here” cheer and wrote, “somebody send kevin a sweater. he’ll need it for this frosty cool shade…”

McCarthy was removed as Speaker of the House on Tuesday by a 216-210 vote. He is the first person in U.S. history to be removed from the post, and Republicans currently do not agree on who should replace him.


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