‘Game of Thrones’ 360-Degree Opening Is a Fan’s Playground (Video)

The interactive opening is practically guaranteed to make you dizzy

At the first “duhn dunh da-da duhn duhn” of the theme music, every true “Game of Thrones” fan has fantasized about exploring that opening-credits map detailing all the far-flung settings in HBO’s hit series.

Now you can.

On Wednesday, the official Facebook page for “Game of Thrones” posted a 360-degree-video version of the opening-credits sequence. The familiar 3D mechanical map flies around King’s Landing, Winterfell, the Wall, Braavos (you actually glide in between the legs of the giant statue guarding that free city), Meereen and Dorne, and you can look in any direction you want with a click-and-drag of your mouse or tap of your finger.

Beware watching the clip on a virtual-reality headset like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, though. The “camera” sweeps across the map with swooping acceleration — basically a guarantee to make anyone’s stomach churn.

The opening-credit sequence can also be a treasure trove for clues about what may happening in a coming episode. This 360-degree version skips the Eyrie and Pentos, and “flayed man” sigil of House Bolton is nowhere to be seen at Winterfell.

Take from that what you will.

The sixth season of the hit fantasy series is due to debut on April 24. It’s based on the popular book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin, who also produces the show, but the coming season is the first that advances the plot beyond the point of the last novel.

Watch the 360-degree video of the opening credits above.