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‘Game of Thrones': These 2 Weirdo States are Still Rooting for House Baratheon

Maybe they’re hoping Gendry will finally stop rowing

Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” is shaping up to be a showdown between the Houses Stark, Lannister and Targaryen. The Baratheons haven’t been in the mix for quite some time, but don’t tell Maine or Ohio.

According to an analysis of Google search data from Decluttr.com, residents of those two states are still hoping that a Baratheon will take the Iron Throne, which could be difficult given that the only living member of the clan was lost in a rowboat back in Season 3.

Most states, 24 in total, favor House Stark, including Washington, California, Nevada and New York. 10 states, including Michigan, Minnesota and Missouri, support the Lannisters, while House Targaryan comes in third with nine states.

See the map and full list below:

Game of Thrones by state


Alabama – Targaryen
Alaska – Lannister
Arizona – Lannister
Arkansas – Stark
California – Stark
Colorado – Stark
Connecticut – Stark
Delaware – Lannister
Florida – Lannister
Georgia – Stark
Hawaii – Stark
Idaho – Targaryen
Illinois – Greyjoy
Indiana – Targaryen
Iowa – Stark
Kansas – Lannister
Kentucky – Stark
Louisiana – Stark
Maine – Baratheon
Maryland – Tyrell
Massachusetts – Stark
Michigan – Lannister
Minnesota – Lannister
Mississippi – Stark
Missouri – Lannister
Montana – Lannister
Nebraska – Stark
Nevada – Stark
New Hampshire – Stark
New Jersey – Stark
New Mexico- Targaryen
New York – Stark
North Carolina – Tyrell
North Dakota – Greyjoy
Ohio – Baratheon
Oklahoma – Targaryen
Oregon – Lannister
Pennsylvania – Tyrell
Rhode Island – Targaryen
South Carolina – Stark
South Dakota – Stark
Tennessee – Stark
Texas – Targaryen
Utah – Stark
Vermont – Targaryen
Virginia – Stark
Washington – Stark
West Virginia – Stark
Wisconsin – Stark
Wyoming – Targaryen

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