‘Game of Thrones’ Video Game Adds ‘Destiny’ Writer Joshua Rubin

Rubin will leave his post on Bungie’s game to join Telltale

Telltale’s “Game of Thrones” video game snagged a writer who’s a familiar name to the gaming industry.

Joshua Rubin, who has spent the last two years working on Bungie and Activision’s highly anticipated upcoming “Destiny,” was tapped to spearhead the adaptation of HBO’s hit series and George R. R. Martin‘s best-selling novels.

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“Thrilled to share that, after two great years at Bungie, I’ve moved to sunny CA to join @telltalegames!” Rubin shared on Twitter. “It’s a privilege to be working on Telltale’s @GameOfThrones. I am such a massive fan of the HBO show!”

“[David] Benioff and [D.B.] Weiss have set an incredibly high standard for writing,” Rubin wrote, referencing “Game of Thrones’” showrunners. “I’m inspired by their work every season. I’m gonna have to up my game!”

Telltale announced its “Game of Thrones” video game project at the 2013 Spike VGX video game awards program in December. Martin’s personal assistant, Ty Corey Franck, is working with the company as a “story consultant,” and the game is expected to be in the vein of Telltale’s prior successful games — including one based on AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

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Rubin concluded with a shoutout to the game he’s leaving behind: “Gotta add: #Destiny is going to be huge!! I’m so proud of the work I did there!”

“Destiny” will be released Sept. 9, while “Game of Thrones” has no release date yet.