Gary Johnson Is Not Having an ‘Aleppo Moment,’ He’s Having an ‘Aleppo Year’ (Video)

New political ad starring Johnson’s many gaffes is the best video you’ll see today

Gary Johnson supporters have often complained that their candidate doesn’t get enough media attention. Well, worry not Johnson fans.

The Libertarian Party’s nominee for president, who will forever be known as the “What is Aleppo?” guy, is now getting oodles of media coverage … though perhaps not the kind his voters were hoping for.

A new ad by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, released on Thursday, is all about Gary Johnson. In fact, it could be described as “Johnson’s Greatest Hits of 2016.”

The video, titled “Every Bernie supporter voting for Johnson needs to see this” is a compilation of all of Johnson’s head-scratching gaffes, edited to some super-fun background music.

Highlights include: eliminating income tax, corporate tax and the IRS; repealing Obamacare; arguing that gun control “makes this country less safe”; declaring that minimum wage is “much ado about nothing”; privatizing prisons; and, of course, his greatest classic of all time, the “Aleppo moment,” a phrase Johnson coined himself to describe a momentary brain freeze.

While Johnson has been stuck in single digits in national polls, he’s surging among millennial voters and veterans, two crucial voting blocs, who seem to think he’s the perfect answer to Bernie Sanders.

Note to the producers of the video: Your ad may need an update.

Check out the Johnson gaffe reel above.