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CBS News’ Gayle King to Quarantined Couples: This Will Either Bring You Together or ‘Rip You Apart’ (Video)

No worries, though — she’s doing a whole radio show on the topic

CBS News’ Gayle King is tackling the subject of romantic relationships in the time of the coronavirus pandemic in the latest episode of her SirusXM Radio show, she told “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert Tuesday night.

She’s used the show, “Gayle King in the House,” to chat about “The Last Dance,” Disney sing-a-longs, introspection in quarantine and more, but now, she says, she’s shifting to “dating in Covid.”

“Either Covid relationships are going to bring you closer together or they’re going to rip you apart,” she declared ominously. King was careful to point out that she’s sure her CBS colleague Colbert and his wife are doing great, and he responded that yes, in quarantine, they’re “tighter than ever.”

Summing up how she sees the episode going, she said, “There’s either going to be more divorces or more babies! So: Relationships in Covid. Dating in Covid. How’s it going for you? What’s your story?”

For someone asking such personal questions of her romantically locked-down listener base, King was quick to pivot when Colbert brought up home cooking.

“Next question! Next! Stephen, I tried,” she said, explaining that she first tried using the stove three months into her new apartment only to be told by maintenance that it wasn’t working because it wasn’t even hooked up.