‘Gen V’ Showrunner Michele Fazekas Says She’s ‘Hopeful’ for Season 2 Order

Executive producer Eric Kripke says there’s already a writers’ room for “The Boys” spin-off’s potential sophomore outing

Maddie Phillips as Cate Dunlap in "Gen V" Season 1 (Photo credit: Prime Video)
Maddie Phillips as Cate Dunlap in "Gen V" Season 1 (Photo credit: Prime Video)

“Gen V” showrunner Michele Fazekas confirmed that the superhero show has not officially been picked up for a second season yet, but is “hopeful” after a promising start.

“We do not have an official season to order yet. We’ve gotten the writers together to talk about what’s possible. So we’re hopeful,” Fazekas said alongside executive producer Eric Kripke in an interview with TheWrap on Thursday.

A spinoff from Prime Video’s hit series “The Boys,” “Gen V” made its debut on the streamer last Friday with its first three episodes. While the series has the same raunchiness, gore and sometimes morally and ethically-challenged characters, it differs from its predecessor by introducing a younger set of Supes and highlights social and individual issues including sexism, racism, eating disorders, schizophrenia, self-injury and sexual assault.

Just like with “The Boys,” “Gen V” has already started to gain a fanbase, and that’s one of the ingredients needed to greenlight a second season.

“We need to see how the show performs, and we need to see if people are watching it, and if Amazon’s happy,” Kripke said.

But, in the meantime, “Gen V” Season 2 is already rearing to go, as Kripke confirmed that “there is a second season writers room for ‘Gen V.’ Yes.”

“I mean, look, the fact that Amazon has paid for Michele to have a second season [writers] room is a good sign,” Kripke said. “So, you know, fingers crossed.”

Fazekas also highlighted that more seasons for the show was in the creative planning from the start, and that the writers and production team are currently just focused on the show’s story and characters, rather than locking in a set amount of seasons.

“You’re thinking about that all along,” Fazekas explained. “Where does this character go this season? Where does [the show] go next? So it’s sort of infused in all of the story you’re bringing.”

Fazekas continued: “The nice thing about working with Eric and working with Amazon is we’re not beholden to, ‘You have to go for X number of years.’ It’s like, where does the story take us? Where do the characters take us? I like being able to make decisions based on that versus based on hitting a number.”

TheWrap followed up about a potential Season 2 with Co-head of Television at Amazon Studios, Vernon Sanders, who said he’s excited for the show’s foreseeable future.

“We just had such confidence in the work that Michele and Eric, [showrunner] Tara [Butters], and the whole team were doing. And you can tell; as those cuts came in, you’ve got buzz in the office that people are sort of flipping out in the same way that the fans are flipping out now. So we wanted to get the writers started right away figuring out what Season 2 looks like,” Sanders said. “We wanted to take a moment and make sure the show had the reception that we were looking for. And in the first five days, we’ve been seeing incredible results, within the U.S., internationally. It’s 2023, and it’s in our top three most acquisitive shows. A ton of people signed up for the service just to watch, and I think that’s a testament to ‘The Boys’ and also word of mouth. The show has just sort of taken off online, so we’re thrilled with what we’re seeing so far.”

The cast of “Gen V” includes Jaz Sinclair, Lizze Broadway, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Maddie Phillips, Chance Perdomo, Derek Luh, London Thor, Asa Germann, Shelley Conn, Sean Patrick Thomas, Clancy Brown and Colby Minifie.

Fazekas and Butters serve as showrunners and executive producers for the series, which was developed by Kripke, Craig Rosenberg and Evan Goldberg.

“Gen V” drops new episodes on Prime Video every Friday.


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