George Lucas Strikes Back at Autograph Hounds: ‘Get a Job’

The “Star Wars” creator does not take kindly to people profiting from his signature

If you make George Lucas mad, he may not block you on Twitter, but he will tell you to get a job, as a few hapless autograph seekers recently discovered.

TMZ shot footage of the “Star Wars” creator snapping back at autograph seekers in Beverly Hills on Monday night.

Lucas is seen writing his signature to fans’ posters as a large bodyguard stands watch. At first, the scene looks relatively peaceful. Someone behind the camera asks for Lucas’ opinion on various issues — director Ron Howard taking over the Han Solo movie, and an impending L.A. City Council vote on a $1.5 billion museum in Lucas’ name — to which he gives short but polite answers.

Lucas puts up his hand and quickly dismisses one bold autograph seeker. But when another crosses the line, Lucas decides he has had enough. “No, I’m not going to keep doing that,” he says defiantly. “This is a $200 signature, so why don’t you just go out and get a job?”

The filmmaker believed some of the pushy autograph hopefuls were attempting to cash in from his signature by selling them on the internet. “These people are here to make money,” he explained in the video. “They’re not fans. They just want to make money.”

A representative for Lucas did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

According to Huffington Post, Lucas’ estimate of $200 a signature is “nearly spot-on,” as some signed items sell for exactly that on eBay.

With all the shade Lucas threw at them, those autograph seekers may want to consider joining the Jedi Order to get some exposure to the light side of The Force.

Watch the video above.