George R.R. Martin Confirms 3 Series Concepts in Development for HBO, Cinemax

Author reveals two previously unannounced TV projects in blog post

george R.R. martin game of thrones
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George R.R. Martin revealed in a blog post on Wednesday that he is developing concepts for two previously unannounced series at HBO/Cinemax.

“Life is impossibly busy right now. I am wrestling with the Son of Kong (that is, working on THE WINDS OF WINTER), trying to wrap up a final round of edits and revisions on the twenty-third Wild Cards book (HIGH STAKES), developing three new series concepts for HBO and Cinemax, hiring writers and directors for three short low-budget films I am hoping to produce based on some classic SF short stories (more on that in the months to come), making my way through the Hugo Packet to prepare to vote, looking forward to opening JURASSIC WORLD at the Cocteay and to hosting a ten-author special event for the release of Steve Stirling’s new ‘Emberverse’ anthology, THE CHANGE,” the author said in the “Wars, Woes, Work” post on his blog “Not a Blog.”

The thrust of the post was Martin’s request that “Game of Thrones” fans to stop sending their complaints about the series to him.

TheWrap previously reported that Martin was working on a series entitled “Captain Cosmos” for HBO. That series would focus on a science fiction writer in 1949. Martin would produce the series, with Michael Cassutt writing the pilot.

There are no details available about what the other two shows might be. Representatives for HBO declined TheWrap’s request for comment at this time.