George Zimmerman Injured in Shooting, Social Media Reacts With Cynicism

“Boy, George Zimmerman sure seems to have a problem with guns going off around him,” tweets “Stand by Me” actor Wil Wheaton

George Zimmerman
Getty Images/Twitter

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted by a Florida jury in the February 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, has been involved in another violent incident.

Zimmerman was sprayed with glass and suffered minor injuries Monday in the Orlando suburb of Lake Mary, Florida, after a motorist opened fire on his car during a road rage incident, according to the Lake Mary Police Department.

“The bullet missed his head. I think it broke a window and lodged in his vehicle,” said Zimmerman’s attorney Don West.

As news of the incident spread across social media, Zimmerman became the #1 trending topic in the U.S. on Twitter.

“George Zimmerman is incapable of avoiding gun incidents,” tweeted television personality Montel Williams.

Meanwhile, “Stand by Me” actor Wil Wheaton tweeted, “Boy, George Zimmerman sure seems to have a problem with guns going off around him.”

A police spokeswoman told CNN that the man who shot at Zimmerman, Matthew Apperson, is the same person who called police last year saying he felt threatened by Zimmerman.

Since he was acquitted of murder in July 2013 in the death of Martin, Zimmerman has had multiple brushes with the law.

In January he was accused of assault by a girlfriend, but she later recanted and no charges were filed.

In September 2013, his estranged wife called 911 claiming he had punched her father and was threatening her with a gun. She did not press charges.

In November 2013, Zimmerman was arrested and accused of domestic violence by girlfriend Samantha Scheibe. She later asked that the charges be dropped.

On September 9, 2014, George Zimmerman was named by police in a road rage incident where he reportedly threatened and followed another driver.

Below is a sampling of reaction to Zimmerman’s latest encounter with police.