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Gerald Posner Accused of More Plagiarism

Miami New Times identifies 35 lifted passages over two books; Random House says it is investigating


More on the Gerald Posner plagiarism scandal: The Miami New Times – the Florida paper Posner and his lawyer, Mark Lane, said last week they intend to sue – published a story on Tuesday alleging more Posner plagiarism:

A 48-year-old Wisconsin doctoral student named Greg Gelembiuk has discovered Posner lifted 35 passages in two books: his 2003 take on the 9-11 attacks, Why America Slept, and Secrets of the Kingdom, a 2005 tome about Saudi Arabia.

The paper then showed the alleged plagiarism to Poynter Institute senior scholar Roy Peter Clark, who said this. "This constitutes plagiarism by any definition I can think of. The capturing of someone else's material that is this extensive cannot, in my opinion, have been done accidentally."

The evidence contradicts Posner's rationale for his crimes in Miami Babylon. This past March 16, he told New Times he'd used a new system of "trailing endnotes" in Babylon, which he claimed had led to attribution problems. He said he hadn't used that system in past books.

Click here to see some examples of the most recent alleged plagiarism.

Random House, Posner’s publisher, said it is investigating the charges: "A charge of plagiarism directed against any of our books is taken seriously… and we will closely examine the material alleging this in these two works."

Lane did not immediately respond to a request for comment. I will update this post if and when he does.

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