Geraldo Rivera Fires Up Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Over Gun Control, Mass Shootings (Video)

Rivera argues that there is a “spectrum” of extremists posing a threat to the U.S., but Pirro screams that it’s only the Muslim jihadists who are “dead-set on killing us”

Geraldo Rivera Jeanine Pirro Gun Control Islamic Terrorists
Fox News

Geraldo Rivera took on an entire couch of Fox News personalities on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning while debating a heated Judge Jeanine Pirro over the right to bear arms in America, and the “spectrum” of extremists who are a threat to society.

“Lets not be stupid here. The people who are killing us, who are dead-set on killing us to the point where they’re willing to die themselves are the Muslim jihadists,” Pirro said. “What we got here are people who are coming here on rubber-stamped visas … Right now we are at war. They are at war with us. They want to kill us.”

“But we are also at war with other kinds of extremists,” Rivera shot back, pointing out Christopher Harper-Mercer, who killed nine people on campus earlier this fall at Umpqua Community College. “I see it as a spectrum of danger.”

Pirro was having none of it, and countered that she has regularly prosecuted murderers. “And you know what? There’s a drug kingpin who just killed somebody last night somewhere in America.”

Rivera took the opportunity to pivot to another divisive topic he vented about on Twitter on Wednesday when he said the National Rifle Association “is full of shit.”

“Then why is it that the gun store in America is open 24/7?” Rivera asked Pirro, who immediately joined the rest of the couch in citing the Second Amendment of the United States’ Constitution.

A guest from the military got fired up, as well, and asked Rivera if the violence caused by those considered mass shooters or terrorists is “all the same,” and questioned if they should “embrace” a point of view the New York Daily News plastered on Friday’s cover page calling the head of the NRA a “terrorist.”

“I tell you Major, those parents of those 6 year olds at Sandy Hook, it was all the same to them,” Rivera said before rattling off other examples of violent tragedies caused by Americans. “Society is at war with these anarchists.”

“Yeah, they’re Islamics,” Pirro said.

“Some of them are Islamics,” Rivera agreed. “Some of them are anti-abortionists, some of them are racists, like in Charleston, South Carolina.”

Watch the clip below.