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Gersh Signs Agreement With WGA to Resume Representation of Hollywood Writers

Hollywood agencies and the WGA have been at an impasse over the practice of packaging fees

Gersh co-presidents David and Bob Gersh said on Friday that the talent agency has signed an agreement with the Writers Guild of America and will resume representing writers.

“Writers are vital to our industry, and Gersh has a long and proud history representing them,” the Gersh brothers said in a joint statement. “We are deeply committed to our writers and their interests, and appreciate their patience. We enthusiastically look forward to resuming our work on their behalf.”

The deal, which will take affect immediately, makes Gersh the first full-service agency to come to terms with the WGA.

Specifics of the deal, however, have not been disclosed.

Hollywood agencies and the WGA have been at impasse for months over the practice of packaging and the fees that agencies collect for bundling talent together for networks and studios. The WGA has argued that such practices have created conflicts of interests for agencies that hurt Hollywood writers.

In a statement sent to its literary clients, the agency said: “Thank you for your patience. Gersh has represented writers for over 70 years, helping to build and nurture some of the industry’s top literary talent. We are deeply committed to you and your interests and are eager to resume our work on your behalf.”