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GetGlue Not Merging With Viggle After All

GetGlue says companies "remain friendly and think highly of each other"

GetGlue has called off plans to merge with Viggle.

The companies announced in November that Viggle Inc. had purchased GetGlue for $25 million in cash and 48.3 million shares in stock, with the goal of making the merged companies the dominate force in social TV. Together, the two companies would have had more than 4 million users, more than 3 million of them from GetGlue.

But GetGlue founder Alex Iskold said in a blog post Sunday that his company had changed its plans.

"Today we’ve decided that GetGlue will not be merging with Viggle. The two companies remain friendly and think highly of each other," he wrote. "We are moving forward as an independent company, and all of us at GetGlue are excited about growing our social network and the leadership position on the second screen."

He added that GetGlue has "a strong product and partnership pipeline for 2013," and plans to continue working with networks, studios and brands.

New York City-based GetGlue, founded in 2007, enables users to tell friends what they're watching, track their favorite shows, and find videos, images, and links.

Viggle has 1.2 million registered users who receive points for loyalty and engagement. They can redeem points from businesses including Best Buy, Amazon, Fandango, Hulu Plus and iTunes.