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Fallout Boy Releases New ‘Ghostbusters’ Theme Song – And These People Really Hate It (Audio)

Criticism is far louder than any praise for the new track featuring Missy Elliott

Let’s hope that Paul Feig‘s “Ghostbusters” remake is as funny as the reaction to the updated theme song that Fallout Boy released on Wednesday.

While “I’m Not Afraid” borrows some elements of Ray Parker Jr.’s “Ghostbusters” theme song (which infamously borrowed the memorable riff from Huey Lewis and the News’ “I Want a New Drug”), it has a distinctly different sound.

Unfortunately for Fallout Boy and Missy Elliott, who drops some rhymes two-thirds into the song, people appear to be taking more pleasure in bashing it than listening to it.

The reaction on Twitter has been almost uniformly negative for the new tune that will serve as the theme for Sony’s July 15 release starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. In fact, disapproval flowed like a pink river of slime flooding the New York City sewer system.

Listen to the song above first, decide whether your eardrums just heard heaven or hell, and then let us know in the comment section if you agree with the reactions below.










Of course, there are a few fans of the track, too.


Then there’s this compromise.