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‘Glass House’ vs. ‘Big Brother’ Case Settled (Update)

CBS says it is receiving financial compensation

CBS will receive a settlement in its claim that ABC's "Glass House" ripped off "Big Brother," CBS said.

CBS said in a lawsuit last year that ABC's low-rated "Glass House," which employed several former "Big Brother" producers, had stolen many elements from the CBS reality hit. CBS announced last August 17 — almost exactly a year ago — that it was dropping the lawsuit, but would continue to pursue its claim in arbitration.

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CBS said Monday that it will receive "financial compensation" as part of the settlement, and said "Glass House" producers have conceded that they borrowed from "Big Brother." Though ABC and the "Glass House" producers were named as defendants, CBS declined to say who would be paying the settlement.

ABC declined to comment.

"We have reached a settlement in arbitration with the parties in “The Glass House” legal dispute," CBS said in a statement. "CBS will receive financial compensation as part of the settlement.  The producers have admitted that one of them used confidential “Big Brother” manuals in the production of “The Glass House,” and they have expressed regret for using this material.  In addition, those involved have pledged not to misappropriate CBS trade secrets in the future."

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CBS used the claim to try to embarrass its lower-rated network rival. When it dropped its suit, it said it was doing so because of the poor ratings for "Glass House."

"The viewers have spoken and delivered the ultimate form of justice against 'The Glass House,'" CBS said in a news release at the time.

At one point during the dispute, CBS also sent out a mock press release saying it planned to air a series called "Dancing on the Stars" — an obvious ripoff of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" — in which competitors would dance on the graves of dead celebrities.