Rian Johnson Is Hopeful for a ‘Glass Onion’ Blu-ray Release, Promises an Audio Commentary

“Even if it’s just me recording my own thing, I’m gonna figure out some way to get that out there,” the filmmaker tells TheWrap


Filmmaker Rian Johnson has long been a proponent of physical media, especially with his insightful audio commentaries on his previous features. And just because “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” was made for Netflix doesn’t mean he’s given up hope for a Blu-ray release of the sequel.

While the streaming service does not traditionally release its original movies on physical media, a handful of “prestige” Netflix films have gotten a Blu-ray release in the past, usually thanks to the Criterion Collection (which has “The Irishman,” “Marriage Story” and “Mank,” among others).

When asked if a physical media release of “Glass Onion” is planned, Johnson’s producer Ram Bergman told TheWrap, “There have been conversations but no results yet,” with Johnson adding, “I really hope that we can do it. We’ve got plenty of good stuff to fill out a disc if anyone’s interested.”

Netflix had no comment on the matter.

But this also brings us to the question of a “Glass Onion” audio commentary. “We’re talking about that as well,” Bergman replied. Audio commentary tracks are even more rare for Netflix – David Fincher did a pair for the first two episodes of “House of Cards” back in 2013, but Netflix did not make a Fincher commentary available for his 2020 feature “Mank.”

But even if “Glass Onion” doesn’t get a physical release, Johnson promises he’ll release an audio commentary regardless.

“I hope we’ll have a physical disc, but at the very least I also, when it releases on Netflix – even if it’s just me recording my own thing – I’m gonna figure out some way to get that out there.”

When the first “Knives Out” opened in theaters, Johnson released an audio commentary on the internet that fans could download and listen to via headphones while watching the film in a movie theater.

“We are exploring it right now,” Bergman said of the “Glass Onion” audio commentary.

Johnson pushed hard for an expansive theatrical release for “Glass Onion” and got it, with the lush, Greece-set (and critically acclaimed) sequel becoming the first Netflix original film to play in Regal, AMC and Cinemark theaters over Thanksgiving during a one-week engagement.

All of this to say, the “Looper” and “The Last Jedi” filmmaker may have made a deal to make two “Knives Out” sequels for a streaming service, but he’s doing everything in his power to ensure the films are also catering to diehard cinephiles.

Now, Criterion, if you’re listening, we have a proposition for you…

“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” is now streaming on Netflix.