Glenn Beck Blasts Breitbart News: ‘Are You Void of Anything Decent?’

“Are you this petty? ” conservative firebrand asks website

Glenn Beck came out swinging against Breitbart News on Monday for citing him out of context over his plea for the U.S. to save Syrian refugees.

Breitbart headlined a story “Glenn Beck in His Own Words: I’ll Save More People Than Schindler.” Only those weren’t really Beck’s words. What the conservative host actually told The Daily Caller was: “We can save more people by Christmas than Oscar Schindler saved, OK?”

As you can see, Breitbart seems to have confused the word “we” with “I.” In a lengthy Facebook post, Beck tore into the conservative news site.

“Breitbart news. Are you this petty? Are you void of anything decent? Answer: no. Just like last week when I said something stupid that I regretted, you have done the same. How could you say “in his own words” and then make up a quote from me? Those are your words not mine. Let’s focus on these words: never again — is now.”

He then listed a litany of grievances he has with the site, including taking his interview with the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas out of context: “You tried to take an interview with the wife of one of the bravest men in government Clarence Thomas — an interview with [a] woman who has guts, determination and courage far beyond anything I will ever posses [sic] — and turn it into something ugly.”

For Breitbart’s part, the site reported on Beck’s Facebook rant with no real defense of its own story or headline. The website did not immediately respond to TheWrap‘s request for comment.