Glenn Beck Sinks Fake Obama in Fake Urine to Make Fake Point

Glenn Beck claims to point out First Amendment hypocrisy

Claiming he's out to make a point about hypocrisy and double standards, Glenn Beck submerged a bobblehead of President Obama in fake urine and hopes to sell it as art.

Anyone else think he just thought it would be fun?

Beck said on his own TheBlazeTV on Tuesday that he was responding to a painting called "Truth" by artist “Michael D’Antuono, which portrays Obama crucified with a crown of thorns. But he was also responding, 25 years late, to the Andres Serrano photograph "Piss Christ," which was at the center of a debate over public funding of the arts.

"Piss Christ" memorably failed to collapse our society when it appeared in 1987. But Beck is apparently still troubled by it. So on Tuesday, he used the recent discussion of "Truth," now threatening humanity from a commmunity college art gallery, as a flimsy excuse to offer his own update on "Piss Christ."

And, of course, soak a flag-draped image of a president he doesn't like in fake urine.

After initially claiming that the liquid used in "Obama in Pee Pee" was urine, Beck conceded that it was, in fact, beer.

Your humble correspondent obviously thinks this is dopey. So I'll throw it over to someone at Beck's website, TheBlaze, to explain what Beck says he's trying to do here.

TheBlaze dutifully explains: "The idea, for Beck however, is not to be untoward, but through irony, to highlight the hypocrisy of those who would shout in defiance at defacing the image of a sitting U.S. president, but not that of an image so sacred to Christianity — the world’s largest religion."

TheBlaze continues, "Beck’s 'artwork' also highlights the hypocrisy of those who rail against disparaging Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. If his image were defaced in the same way as Christ’s has been so many times, the backlash could indeed be deadly and  lead to the 'artist' in question being pursued by U.S. law enforcement, as was the case for the creators of the YouTube video 'Innocence of Muslims.'"

Beck is offering "Obama in Pee Pee" for $25,000, to make some further point about how art is in the eye of the beholder that already occurred to you when you were in elementary school.