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Glenn Beck, Vince Vaughn, Peter Billingsley Launch Reality Show

Yes, the kid from "A Christmas Story" is in business with Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is launching a reality show with Vince Vaughn and Peter Billingsley to find great documentary filmmakers.

Vaughn is one of Hollywood's highest profile conservatives, and a recent Ron Paul supporter. Billingsley, a producer and director who often works with Vaughn, is always celebrated this time of year for his childhood role in the classic film "A Christmas Story" (left).

The new reality show, called "Pursuit of Truth," will air on Beck's TheBlazeTV. It will feature documentaries submitted to the show as it seeks "the world's next great documentary filmmaker." Twenty competitors will see the ultimate prize of financing and worldwide distribution.

"I am proud to announce that Vince Vaughn and I are going to be the executive producers," Beck said on his Wednesday radio show, according to Politico. "That should make everybody's head spin. What the hell is Vince Vaughn doing with a crazy man? I know, that's what my friends say. Glenn, what are you doing with the crazy man Vince Vaughn? Yes. It's great, isn't it? I love it."

As you may have guessed, the conservative commentator just might be especially enthusiastic about films that critique the federal government and left-wing ideology.

“I’d like to see the stuff just isn’t done,” Beck said. “And done right. And done without conspiracy. I’d love to see something on the Federal Reserve, the game that’s being played there. I would love to see something on why capitalism is actually a good thing, why it’s not a bad thing.”

Billingley added in a statement: “Getting any film beyond the idea stage has become increasingly difficult these days, especially for documentary filmmakers that want to shine a light and make a difference. Our goal is to create a powerful annual platform to help filmmakers tell important and engaging stories.”

Filmmakers can submit their work at the new show's website until Jan. 31. The show will air in the spring.

"Whether you are a fledgling, aspiring, experienced or first time filmmaker, with a great idea for a documentary film, this is your chance of a lifetime — to get your feature documentary film financed and distributed to a worldwide audience," the site says.

Also, don't shoot your eye out.

The films will be reviewed by Vaughn, Billingsley, Beck and Go Go Luckey Entertainment's Gary Auerbach.