‘Godzilla’ Star Bryan Cranston Knocks King Kong, Barely Recognizes His Commercials on ‘Today’ (Video)

Cranston says “Godzilla” will always be cooler than damn, dirty ape

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“Godzilla” star Bryan Cranston thinks King Kong stands in the shadow of the world’s tallest reptile.

“Godzilla was always my favorite,” Cranston told Matt Lauer during an interview on NBC’s “Today” show Friday. “King Kong they infused human emotions into. King Kong was not as great as Godzilla, and it never will be.”

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The actor, best known for playing teacher-turned-meth dealer Walter White in “Breaking Bad,” plays a former nuclear engineer who suspects monsters will rise in the new “Godzilla,” in theaters now.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Kick-Ass”) plays his soldier son, while Elizabeth Olsen co-stars as Taylor-Johnson’s wife.

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When Cranston and Lauer were done geeking out over their favorite childhood monster, they had a good laugh while looking back at Cranston’s early commercials — one of which he didn’t even remember.