‘Godzilla x Kong’ Won’t Be Challenged at Box Office By ‘First Omen’ or ‘Monkey Man’

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20th Century’s horror film and Universal’s action thriller look for smaller profits in the shadow of the MonsterVerse

Godzilla x Kong
"Godzilla x Kong" (Credit: Legendary/Warner Bros.)

Expect Warner Bros./Legendary’s “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” to continue its reign at the box office, as newcomers “The First Omen” and “Monkey Man” seek smaller theatrical gains in the shadow of the MonsterVerse.

Riding strong word-of-mouth and a higher than expected $80 million domestic launch, “The New Empire” is looking at a second weekend total of around $35 million, which would be a 55% drop. While not the excellent $46.2 million and 44% drop that fellow Legendary release “Dune: Part Two” earned in its second weekend last month, it would be a respectable showing for the fifth installment in the crossover-creature series.


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