Facebook Reveals Most Buzzed-About Golden Globes Nominees and Snubs (Exclusive)

Facebook users think the Hollywood Foreign Press Association screwed “The Butler,” “Mad Men”

The Golden Globe Awards nominations were announced Thursday, heating up the industry’s hotly-watched awards race with “12 Years of Slave” and “American Hustle” leading the film field; and Netlix’s “House of Cards” and “Breaking Bad” among top TV show contenders.

In response, Hollywood immediately snapped into action — some popped champagne, some just popped off at the mouth via social media. Facebook users, those making up the largest such community, were no exception.

The social site’s members buzzed about the nominees all day — heavily — and Facebook shared the chatter exclusively with TheWrap.

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Here are the top buzzed-about categories that generated most interaction on Facebook:
1. Best TV series, drama
2. Best TV Series, comedy
3. Best motion picture, musical or comedy
4. Best motion picture, drama

Within each of the four categories, here’s the film or TV series that generated the most interactions:
1. Best motion picture, drama, “12 Years a Slave”
2. Best motion picture, musical or comedy, “American Hustle”
3. Best TV series, drama, “Breaking Bad”
4. Best TV series, comedy, “The Big Bang Theory”

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Anytime nominations are announced, it seems that the natural human reaction is to talk about who was undeservedly left off the list. To gather the next list, Facebook pulled all mentions of “Golden Globes” and then searched for explicit mentions of each “snub” within that data.

Here is who Facebook thought got the shaft this year:
1. “The Butler,” Best Picture
2. “Mad Men,” Best TV Series, Drama
3. “Homeland,” Best TV Series, Drama
4. “Boardwalk Empire,” Best TV Series, Drama
5. Woody Allen (for “Blue Jasmine”)

It’s worth noting that Oprah Winfrey finished No. 6 on the snubs list for her role in “The Butler.” There were many crossover mentions that discussed both the movie and Oprah specifically in the same post.