New Duopoly Threat: Google and Amazon Could Control 80% of All Connected TVs in a Decade | PRO Insight

Tech giants are applying strategies that led them to dominate smartphones to new ventures, producer and media professor Evan Shapiro writes

Earlier this year, the BBC fired a major shot at the world’s third largest company asking the U.K.’s Competition and Markets’ Authority to expand its investigation into anticompetitive mobile OS practices to include TV operating systems — specifically Google’s Android TV. According to the BBC’s projections, 60 to 80% of new TV sets sold by 2023 may have an operating system owned by one of four companies: Google, Apple, Meta or Amazon. And the broadcaster fears that Android (and other dominant players) may be able to prioritize services that they own and monetize.

Personally, I think the BBC is wrong. Here’s why: Over the course of the last decade, just two companies have taken control of 98% of all smartphones on Earth. In the U.S., Apple controls approximately 60% of all smartphone OS, while Google/Android controls around 40%. Worldwide, Google controls roughly 70% of OS and Apple about 30%.

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