What the Government – and Google – Know About You (Video)

“Frontline” digs into government monitoring of what you do online

The latest “Frontline” investigation dives into the question of how much the government knows about what you’re doing right now.

How much privacy we have online is one of the most open questions of our time. Frontline’s two-part “United States of Secrets,” premiering next Tuesday, traces warrantless government spying from Sept. 11, 2001, through the Obama presidency.

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The National Security Agency, according to Frontline, named its online monitoring simply “The Program.” The two-part investigation, the second part of which airs May 20, looks into whether it is violating Americans’ legal rights.

The investigation examines Edward Snowden’s leaks about the extent of NSA monitoring, and argues that the government and corporate America — specifically search engines — are cooperating to track everyday Americans’ movements.

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Google accordingly, and watch the trailer: