Grammys: Madonna Channels a Matador in ‘Living for Love’ Performance (Video)

An energetic performance gives rise to “Madonna Is 56” Twitter trending topic

Continuing the bullfighting theme she started on the red carpet, Madonna took to the Grammy stage in another matador-inspired outfit to perform her new single “Living for Love.”

Introduced as “our bitch” by Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj, the 56-year-old singer took to the stage in a red- and black-themed multimedia-rich performance flanked by shirtless dancers wearing faceless diamond masks and bull antlers.

Before literally ascending above the stage on a wire, Madonna urged the crowd to their feet to sing along — though Taylor Swift and company didn’t appear to need much encouragement as she danced and sang along with the Material Girl from her seat.

The energetic and highly choreographed performance promptly birthed a trending topic, with “Madonna Is 56” hitting #1 on Twitter as fans and critics alike took to the Internet to comment on her age-defying performance.

“Living for Love” is the first single off Madonna‘s new album, “Rebel Heart,” available Mar. 6.