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‘Grandfathered’ Creator on Sharing Custody of John Stamos With ‘Fuller House,’ His ‘Two-Levels’ of Handsomeness

”In person, he’s just like this ruggedly manly Greek God who has come to Earth to walk among us,“ Danny Chun tells TheWrap, ”And then you watch him on TV and he’s this shiny, glowing angel.“

“Grandfathered” creator Danny Chun has a hot-tracking sitcom on his hands, thanks in large part to its suddenly (but, kind of always) hot star, John Stamos.

Chun isn’t concerned about splitting the Stamos spotlight with Netflix’s “Fuller House,” which the actor serves as both executive producer and star. Actually, the “Grandfathered” executive producer thinks all the buzz surrounding ABC’s T.G.I.F. revival will bring more eyeballs to his own Fox show.

“I think it’s good … John is having a moment right now. Everyone loves him,” Chun told TheWrap. “We’re in an era of TV — everyone’s calling it peak TV right, now, right? And I think people who really love TV, John reminds them of a simpler time when … you knew what you were watching every night and everyone was watching the same thing.”

“People are excited to have him back in their lives,” he said.

Plus, Stamos brings strengths beyond simple nostalgia. For starters, he’s pretty easy on the eyes.

“In person, he’s just like this ruggedly manly Greek God who has come to Earth to walk among us,” Chun explained what he called the two levels to Stamos’ handsomeness. “And then you watch him on TV and he’s this shiny, glowing angel.”

And the equally charming Stamos is also a total team player. “He’s so up for anything … I’ve never had a better experience with a star in terms of promoting a show,” Chun glowed.

Chun may not be a household name like Stamos, but he’s no newbie. The comedy writer cut his teeth on “The Simpsons” and “The Office” — two established shows that admittedly had built-in audiences by the time he got there. The “Grandfathered” EP sees a big difference in creating and launching his very own show.

“Everyone is in this mosh pit, trying to elbow and scratch each other to get to the front,” Chun said of the current TV landscape.

But he’s comfortable at Fox and happy to be part of its new Tuesday primetime lineup, which includes “The Grinder” and “Scream Queens.” As he pauses on Episode 8 to enjoy the premiere, Chun is happy to handle the creative while he leaves the marketing minutia to his network home.

“They have a real strategy and they’ve really put these shows together because they think that there’s a common thread,” Chun said of the Fox’s new Tuesday scheduling. “These are all shows that are fun and appeal to a wide range of people, and I think they’re all shows that will be popular with women.”

“It’s really cool that they’re trying to establish a night,” he said. “Quality-wise, I feel like Fox Tuesday nights are going to be unbeatable.”

With that on the table and on the record, Fox probably feels the same way about Chun’s promotion as he does about Stamos’.

“Grandfathered” debuts tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, before the series premiere of “The Grinder.” At 9, “Scream Queens” settles into its regular time slot for Episode 2.