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Great News, Journalists: Scientology Is Hiring

As an investigator for Freedom, you can investigate… people investigating Scientology

Who says print journalism is endangered? That couldn’t possibly be the case, given that the thriving Church of Scientology is offering some crusading journalist a dream job, working for its own Freedom magazine.

A recent job posting said the magazine covers “human rights, social betterment issues and does investigative reporting in the public interest.” Sounds like a chance to make a real difference. So what kind of stories does Freedom run?

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Well… based on a look at its website, it seems to mostly write articles criticizing ex-Scientologists-turned critics of Scientology.

“The Posse of Lunatics” is the name of a recent cover story about those who question the Church. They’re depicted with loony caricatures, and get this — one guy even has a Pinnochio nose! Zing.

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As of this writing, there are 14 articles headlines in the “articles” section of the magazine’s homepage. All of them are about Scientology critics. They’re accompanied by flaming graphics, an unflattering swimsuit photo, and a description of one ex-Scientologist as a “walking hate crime.”

There are also “exposés” of exposés by The New Yorker, CNN, and the BBC.

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But… what about human rights? Social betterment? Investigative reporting in the public interest? The Church didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment about what exactly the lucky new hire would do.

The Chuch has long been a fascination of reporters looking into allegations of abuse, forced labor, and intimidation. What better way to prove it doesn’t intimidate people than by writing stories designed to intimidate them?

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We’re sure whoever gets this gig will do other things, too. Or, who knows? He or she could work at Freedom, quit and complain about the job, and end up being called a lunatic on the cover.

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