Gerard Butler Outruns a Comet Destroying the Earth in First ‘Greenland’ Trailer (Video)

Ric Roman Waugh directs the disaster thriller opening August 14

“The sky is on fire,” Gerard Butler’s young son says in the first trailer for “Greenland,” a disaster thriller in which Butler, along with the rest of humanity, tries to escape a massive comet that threatens to make all life on Earth extinct.

“Angel Has Fallen” director Ric Roman Waugh reteams with the action star in “Greenland.” The title refers to the county that Butler is determined to evacuate his family to. Underground bunkers there are rumored to protect people from impact when a massive comet will collide with the planet in a matter of hours.

And as he races against the clock, we get to see Butler driving a pickup truck as he hopes to avoid small fragments of the comet that are raining down all around him and causing havoc.

“I swear I will get my family into that bunker,” Butler says in the trailer. “Seek shelter immediately,” an automated warning broadcast blares over the end.

“Greenland” stars Butler, Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd, Scott Glenn, David Denman, Hope Davis, Andrew Bachelor and Joshua Mikel. Butler is also a producer with Basil Iwanyk and Alan Siegel.

STXfilms is releasing “Greenland” theatrically on August 14, pushing it back slightly after originally slating it for release on July 31. Watch the first trailer for the film above.