Greg Gutfeld Says CNN Finally Criticizing Joe Biden Means They’re ‘Getting the Go-Ahead to Slowly Remove Him’ (Video)

The Fox News host shows a reel of highlights from the rival network disparaging the president on “The Five”

Greg Gutfeld and “The Five” couldn’t help but notice that the words “Trump was right” recently came out of CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s mouth — and see it as part of a larger pattern.

“You know things are bad when Biden’s media minions stop covering up for Hunter,” Gutfeld said on Monday’s primetime Fox News roundtable show.

Gutfeld went through a list of items that the cable network and other left-leaning outlets are now covering through clenched teeth as the overseas business activities of Joe Biden’s son slowly come to light.

“The failed plea deal, how attorney” — and now special prosecutor — “David Weiss planned to let Hunter off without charges for tax evasion. That was until the whistleblowers forced him to change his mind. Politico is reporting that Hunter’s lawyers threatened to put Papa Joe on the witness stand,” Gutfeld said, adding that The Washington Post is raising questions about Weiss’ ties to Biden’s late son Beau.

“Even CNN is calling his bluff,” Gutfeld continued, then threw to the clip of Tapper talking.

“I mean Trump was right,” the CNN anchor said. “[Hunter] did make a fortune from China, and Joe Biden was wrong. I don’t know if he was lying about it. He might not have been told by a Hunter, but the blind spot is a problem.”

Gutfeld called the Tapper comments an “amazing” turn. “Obviously CNN is getting the go-ahead to remove Biden from the presidency,” he said, “because they never said this before and now Jake is saying it — but he offered that little get-out-of-jail-free card by saying, ‘What is this blind spot?’”

“The Five” cohost Dana Perino quipped that a “blind spot” is not a good excuse not to see a “glaring neon sign.”

“What is interesting too is that it was not just CNN, but many others took that national security letter that 51 national security folks signed saying that the Hunter Biden laptop was misinformation,” she said. “A lot of reporters went with that… What would be different going into the next election? You believe that Trump was right — what would you do differently next time?”

But it was “The Five” cohost Jesse Watters who really brought the fire to Tapper’s feet: “No offense to Jake, but you cannot say that Joe Biden had no idea that he got paid millions from China,” he said. “You flew your son to China and now he is filthy rich. You’re getting an office with his Chinese business partner — [the name] never rang a bell?… You are better than that [Jake], but maybe you are not.”

Watch the entire exchange in the clip above.