Greta Van Susteren Explodes at Fox News’ Contributor Erick Erickson: ‘He’s a Jerk’

The Fox News host attacked a conservative commentator from her own network on Monday after he criticized Wendy Davis on Twitter

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren lit into fellow network colleague Erick Erickson in a post on her blog GretaWire after he tweeted harshly about Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, characterizing her as “Abortion Barbie.”

Van Susteren posted a large, sweaty photograph of the conservative pundit and headlined it, “What is wrong with this guy? He is such a jerk! He is a repeat offender!”

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Van Susteren was incensed by a recent Erickson tweet that linked to a critical article in the Dallas Morning News.


“So Abortion Barbie had a Sugar Daddy Ken,” Erickson wrote. “No (sic) exactly the bio she claimed.”

“We are a big nation with different viewpoints,” Van Susteren seethed. “We won’t always agree but a strong debate is helpful when we disagree.  Sometimes if you are smart in your debate, you persuade someone who otherwise had disagreed with you. And then there are the creeps who take cheap shots because they are too ignorant and small to engage in an important discussion.”

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“The best they can do is make themselves look really bad,” she continued in her lengthy blog post. “No one should pay any attention to them – they are not persuasive, they are noise, and in some instances boorish and obnoxious.  I suspect this guy feels that he makes himself relevant or even important if he says or tweets like this.  I just roll my eyes and wonder what is going on in his head!”

Erickson shot back at Van Susteren, tweeting, “Well, Abortion Barbie does have a vocal fan club. Might be larger except for the open season on anyone under 40 weeks.”