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‘Grey’s’ Got the Most DVR Help This Season

ABC drama added 2.8 million viewers and 1.5 18-49 rating points to original telecasts

ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" was the broadcast primetime show helped the most this TV season by a full week of DVR viewing of its original episodes. The show gained the most viewers and the largest 18-49 demo increase among all primetime shows, according to Nielsen Media Research data.

"Grey's" drew an average live plus same day audience of 13.2 million viewers, but added 2.83 million more to total 16 million per night when seven day DVR viewing was added. "Grey's" also recorded a 4.8 live plus same day 18-49 rating, but that was boosted to a 6.3 when seven day DVR viewing was added.

On the viewership side, CBS' "The Mentalis't" drew 2.81 million more viewers over the seven-day period, to increase its viewership from 15.3 million to 18.1 million. Fox's "House" was next, adding 2.4 million viewers to total 15.2 million, followed by ABC's "Lost," adding 2.2 million viewers to reach 12.2 million, and CBS' "NCIS," adding 1.8 million to reach 21.4 million viewers.

On the 18-49 demo side, "House" was right behind "Grey's," adding 1.2 rating points to total 6.1, followed by "Lost," adding 1.1 to reach 5.4, NBC's "The Office," which also added 1.1 rating points to reach a 5.1, and CBS' "The Big Bang Theory," Fox's "Glee" and ABC's "Private Practice," all adding 1.0 rating points to reach 6.3, 5.0 and 4.3, respectively.

Many of the CW shows had the largest percentages of viewers added to their viewership over seven days, however their audience bases are smaller so their total viewer numbers did not boost them into the Top 10.

On a percentage basis, CW's "Smallville," "Gossip Girl," "Melrose Place" and "90210" all increased viewership by 28 percent when seven-day DVR viewing was added.

Three canceled shows recorded large DVR viewing over seven days on a percentage basis. Fox's "Dollhouse" boosted it's viewership by 36 percent (by 779,000) over seven days, while NBC's "Heroes" increased viewership by 25 percent (by 1.3 million) and ABC's "FlashForward" by 23 percent (1.6 million).

Among the 18-49 demo, the cancelled "Dollhouse" also recorded the largest increase percentage wise, boosting it's rating by 50 percent (to a 1.2) when seven-day DVR viewing was taken into account. The CW's "Smallville" increased its 18-49 rating by 40 percent over seven-days to a 1.4, while "Melrose Place increased it by 28 percent to a 0.9 and "Gossip Girl" boosted its 18-49 rating 27 percent to a 1.4.