‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Karen Gillan Says She ‘Switched Places’ With Gamora in Vol. 3: Nebula Is ‘More Evolved’ (Video)

The actress teased that her character has more of a sense of humor in the third film

“Guardians of the Galaxy” star Karen Gillan thinks her Marvel Cinematic Universe character Nebula has warmed up a bit by the franchise’s third film.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” sees the blue daughter of Thanos assume a bigger role in the Guardians because her sister Gamora is not the same as she was before the events of “Endgame.” The blip, reversed by Ironman’s snap with Thanos’ gauntlet of Infinity Stones, somehow brought back an earlier version of Saldaña’s green guardian, who died at the hands of Thanos when he sacrificed her on a magical cliff to aquire one of the Infinity Stones. 

“It was kind of interesting to play because it’s almost like [Gamora] and Nebula have switched places and now Nebula is the more evolved character with more compassion and Gamora is like the old Nebula,” Gillan told TheWrap at the film’s premiere on Thursday.

In the first two films, Nebula doesn’t hide her anger and desire for vengeance toward her sister. Thanos used to make the two women duel and threatened replacement of a body part to the loser of the repeated battles. Nebula once told Gamora that she didn’t care about winning, she just wanted a sister.

“That was interesting to play around with, and Nebula in general is different this time around,” Gillan continued. “She’s got much more of a sense of humor.”

Thinking about ways she may be able to work with “Guardians” director James Gunn again in the future, Gillan said she is all in on any opportunity that comes up for her to appear in the DC Universe. Gunn was named co-head of DC Studios with Peter Safran in October.

“I would jump at the chance to work with James at any given opportunity,” she said. “If he asked me to play, like, a two-headed alien in the background of a shot, I’d be there.”

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” arrives in theaters May 5.