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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Chris Pratt Is Wonderful at French Braiding Hair (Video)

The actor has a wide array of talents, but few knew braiding hair on TV was among them

Chris Pratt was asked to French braid an intern’s hair during a recent interview and the muscular, manly action star performed admirably.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy,” who plays leader Star-Lord in the film,  sat down with “Entertainment Tonight’s” Rob Marciano to discuss both the Marvel movie and 2015’s “Jurassic World,” but the conversation quickly took an unexpected turn toward hair.

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They show him an Instagram photo of a woman’s French braided hair; it was one Pratt had posted to his account, along with an assertion that it was his handiwork.

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So, naturally, they trotted out an intern named Jen and put Pratt’s skills to the test. “You know, you’re a leading man now. You’re a superhero. You’re a great dad, you’re doing all these manly things. But apparently you’re pretty good at French braiding,”said Marciano.

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The young nervous blond sat down in front of him, but Pratt barely batted an eye. He dished on his dinosaur movie while doing up a pretty decent ‘do in the process.

Pratt’s career has evolved drastically since NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” came on the air in 2009. First he was the funny guy. Now, with “GotG” on the way, he’s gained traction as an action hero with a six-pack. Will the next phase of his career involve televised hairdressing?

One can only hope.

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See how Pratt’s  braid turned out (below):