‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ WrapOff Review: ‘It’s Just Sort of Fun and Ridiculous’ (Video)

Does the latest Marvel film deserve all its hype? TheWrap’s Lucas Shaw and Alonso Duralde weigh in

As the newest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Guardians of the Galaxy” has a lot to live up to. But does the film, debuting this weekend, deserve all its hype?

“I think there’s a danger that this movie’s going to be kind of oversold, it’s just sort of fun and ridiculous,” TheWrap film critic Alonso Duralde says about the goofy and upbeat tone of the film.

“This is almost a comedy more so than anything else,” agrees TheWrap film reporter Lucas Shaw, who compares “Guardians” to the “Iron Man” trilogy in terms of the mix of comedy and action.

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That’s not to take away from the movie’s success — and everything the Marvel team did right.

“I agree it’s not a great movie, but this and ‘Apes,’ to me, were the two that really embodied that classic fun summer movie that you want to pay to go see in a theater and see all the visual splendor and have fun,” Shaw says. “And you’re probably not going to think about it again after you watch it.”

“I want to see a sequel,” Duralde says. “That’s about as good as you can say for one of these kind of movies.”