Guillermo Del Toro Gushes Over Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’ in Series of Tweets

“Pacific Rim” director says the just-released film is “flawlessly executed”

Cult movie maven Edgar Wright‘s latest popcorn flick, “Baby Driver,” is out in theaters today, and already one major director has stepped forward to champion it: “Pacific Rim” and “Pan’s Labyrinth” auteur Guillermo Del Toro.

On Tuesday afternoon, Del Toro heaped praise upon “Baby Driver” in a series of swooning tweets, comparing the movie’s use of music during its elaborate car chase scenes to Gene Kelly’s dancing in “An American In Paris.” He also compared Wright to famed action and western movie director Walter Hill, whom Wright has mentioned was a major influence when making “Baby Driver.”

“The film is incredibly precise. Flawlessly executed to the smallest detail,” Del Toro gushed. “Breathtaking Russian arm shots, real-world car mount and foot chases executed with the vigour and bravado of a Gene Kelly musical. This is ‘An American In Paris’ on wheels and crack smoke.”

But Del Toro also noted that unlike previous films in Wright’s oeuvre like “Shaun of the Dead” and “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” which were built on ironic humor, “Baby Driver” is an earnest film that, beneath its gory gunfights and intense pursuits, “wears Edgar’s heart on its sleeve.”

And though he didn’t mention the film by name, Del Toro acknowledged Wright’s struggles with Marvel’s “Ant-Man” that led him to leave the project and considered “Baby Driver” a magnificent rebound effort.

“It moved me to see a fellow filmmaker come out of a debacle with a movie that declares his credo again,” he tweeted. “I hope & pray you go and see it on a big screen. I wish you all the joy I felt: I just saw a good pal get the gold. By God, go check it out.”

“Baby Driver” is in theaters now. Del Toro’s next film, “The Shape of Water,” hits theaters December 8. Read Del Toro’s full remarks in the tweets below.


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