Guillermo del Toro Talks ‘Giant F–king Robots’ of ‘Pacific Rim’

At Legendary Pictures’ first Comic-Con panel, the director and stars of 2013’s “Pacific Rim” discuss “incredibly huge things”

Guillermo del Toro & Co. took to one of Comic-Con's smaller rooms to talk about one of 2013's biggest movies on Friday.

And the "Pacific Rim" director managed to sum up the film in seven words:

"Giant f–king monsters against giant f–king robots."

Oh yeah, he dropped a lot of F-bombs:

“It is my duty to commit to film the finest f–king monsters ever committed to the screen," he told the crowd. "And it is my duty to create the greatest f–king robots ever committed to screen. That’s a pledge.”

The director was there for Legendary Pictures' first-ever panel at Comic-Con. Along with him were "Pacific Rim's" stars, Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba and Charlie Day, and screenwriter Travis Beacham. During the panel, del Toro confirmed that Rinko Kikuchi also will star.

He told the audience that "There are pieces of the cast who can't be here, mostly because they don't f–king fit. That's the monsters and the robots."

The director said that Legendary — a company he praised and praised and praised — "if I weren't barren, I would bear Legendary's child" let him cast the movie as he saw fit.

He was allowed to get "the perfect f–king actors for the role," he said.

"Pacific Rim" is about mind-melding pilots who drive enormous robots that fight humongous monsters that emerge from the sea.

As del Toro put it: "incredibly huge things destroy little things."

How's that sound?

F—–g big.

It's a big Comic-Con for del Toro. On Thursday, at a Film District panel, he promoted his upcoming "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," and implied that "Hellboy 3" is still possible. "Hellboy" star Ron Perlman (with del Toro, above) was at the same panel, promoting Nicolas Winding Refn's "Drive."

One other big thing from the director:

He told the Comic-Con audience that he's been known to hire people he meets at Comic-Con as production assistants on his films.

They seemed to like that.