Guns N’ Roses Fans Beat Donald Trump in Effigy During Mexico Concert (Video)

Axl Rose and crew help their followers South of the Border vent a little frustration over America’s president-elect

guns n roses donald trump pinata

Do you know where you are, Donald Trump? You’re on Guns N’ Roses’ stage, and you’re gonna … well, you’re gonna get beat up pretty bad.

Axl Rose and company got political during a concert in Mexico City on Wednesday night, beating a Donald Trump piñata to smithereens onstage.

Actually, they let their fans do the honors, bringing attendees onto the stage to man the bat and do the honors.

“Let’s bring up some people and get the f—ing stick,”Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose is heard saying in video published by TMZ. “Express yourselves however you feel.”

The fans probably didn’t need any prompting from Rose, judging by how they thrashed the Trump stand-in limb from limb as others in the crowd chanted, “Puto” — Spanish for … well, something not very nice.

Vented rage — so much sweeter than any candy.

Watch Trump get thumped in the video.