Gutfeld Mocks Liberals for Comparing Jan. 6 to Civil War: ‘Lincoln Wishes’ That ‘Someone Just Stole His Podium’ (Video)

The Fox News personality and his “Gutfeld!” panel characteristically downplayed the Capitol insurrection on Tuesday night

Fox News personality and late night’s “Gutfeld!” host Greg Gutfeld took issue Tuesday with liberals’ continued comparisons of the Jan. 6 insurrection to the Civil War.

“You hear both the media and the White House agree: Jan. 6 was the worst thing since the Civil War,” Gutfeld said. “But I bet Lincoln wishes that the worst thing that happened to him was that someone just stole his podium. Because he was shot.”

The shutdown of what he viewed as the left’s latest gassed-up talking point came within a larger conversation about the House Select Committee, which voted this week to recommend criminal charges against former president Donald Trump. Characteristically, the Tuesday night “Gutfeld!” segment was all about downplaying developments that aren’t in favor or Trump, the Republican Party and their allies. Gutfeld argued that the decision is getting more airtime than is warranted because it’s a slow news week during the holidays.

“This is typically the time of the year when there’s not much news to talk about,” Gutfeld said. “It’s weird. You notice that trend when all the news people go away, away goes the news, as well? And what’s being called news right now is even crappier than usual. Like the Jan. 6 Committee Show trial.”

Discussing the committee’s recommendation, the host explained, “As a criminal referral it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t obligate feds to bring a case, meaning the hearing was simply a political vendetta disguised as a hearing but turned into a show trial.”

Ribbing on Biden, Gutfeld added that the committee’s conclusion “isn’t any more surprising than our president huffing a bottle of Johnson & Johnson no more tears shampoo — just a piece of fake news in a week where the networks take what they can get, and they took it because they’re already on vacation from reality.”

Watch the full “Gutfeld!” segment in the video above.