‘Gutfeld’ Shreds Joe Biden’s Spliced-Up Debate Challenge: ‘5 Cuts to Make a 13-Second Video?’

“The real story here,” Gutfeld says, “is the many times they had to splice Joe’s video together to get a single thought”

The late night crew at Fox News couldn’t help but notice that Joe Biden’s 13-second video challenging Donald Trump to a pair of debates had been spliced to bits – and this being “Gutfeld!,” their critique was rank with potty humor.

On Wednesday, Biden posted the video to X, directly addressing his GOP challenger and daring him to “make my day, pal.” Hours later, Trump accepted the challenge over on Truth Social, and the debates are on for June and September.

By nightfall, host Greg Gutfeld was shredding the video – that had indeed been spliced to pieces – to pieces.

“Move over, Dirty Harry, and meet a dirty diaper,” Gutfeld said, deploying one of his tamer scat jokes from the segment [most have been redacted here for decency]. “The real story is how many times they spliced Joe’s video together to get a single thought.”

They then re-ran the video, counting the number of cuts that had been edited in. There were five.

“Five cuts to get a 13-second video?” Gutfeld continued. “I guess they edited out all the times he lost his place, [redacted, redacted], and flatlined.”

For his part, Gutfeld doesn’t believe the debate dates will hold.

“I don’t believe conspiracies,” Gutfeld said, throwing to co-panelist Kat Timpf. “You believe this is actually happening? Is Biden being pushed to withdraw?”

“[Redacted],” Timpf said.

Neither Gutfeld nor his assembled guests noted that quick-cut splicing is a popular style choice with the kids on their TikToks and YouTubes, and may have been done as a “flex,” no cap.

Anyway. If you’re not sitting down to eat, watch the entire dissection in the video clip above.


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