‘Gutfeld!’ Cohost Kat Timpf Says She Really Enjoyed ‘Barbie,’ Boss Jokes: ‘Get Her Off the Show’ (Video)

Host Greg Gutfeld was kidding, of course, but his co-host’s review was no less of a surprise

Credit Greg Gutfeld for being consistently subversive – even when that means subtly upending stereotypes of his own stereotypes.

The Fox News host on Monday tackled straightaway the most divisive topic of the weekend: the twin releases of “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie.” Gutfeld summarily declared one “the greatest,” and the other “the worst” movies ever made, despite having seen neither – a blunt jab at conservative critics’ aversion to Greta Gerwig’s plasticky fantasy feminist manifesto.

“I haven’t seen [Oppenheimer],” Gutfeld said, “but it’s the greatest movie ever made. I also didn’t see ‘Barbie’ – worst movie ever made! I think I tick the boxes here, yeah right?”

He then immediately threw to infamously finicky co-host Kat Timpf, herself not much of a box-ticker.

“OK, I did not see it – oh, ‘Oppenheimer?’ – why would I see that? I’m a girl!” she joked. But her next answer might have come as something of a surprise.

“Did you like ‘Barbie?’” Gutfeld asked.

“I really did like ‘Barbie,’” she said with a big smile. “I did enjoy it. I went with my sister.”

Gutfeld seemed incredulous: “Did you actually go to the movie?”

Timpf: “I did! I went to the movie and I had a nice time.”

Her summary review was indeed sincere, but Gutfeld being Gutfeld, had to carry his critique of the critics one beat further.

“Oh, that’s amazing!,” he responded, then turning off-camera to say: “Get her off the show.”

“I did!” Timpf retorted.

“Get her off.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video clip above.