‘Gutfeld!’ Mocks Kristi Noem for ‘Bad Weather’ Excuse to Cancel Fox Appearance: ‘It Was Raining Cats and Dogs’ | Video

“When we asked how her week was going, she said ‘Ruff’,” Gutfeld cracks

With her recent press tour gone to the dogs, Kristi Noem finally decided to stop talking – and drew the line at “Gutfeld!” Maybe she should have made that one last stop, because in her place, there were almost as many jokes at her expense as there were sentences spoken.

“We were supposed to have Kristi Noem on the show tonight, but she canceled,” the Fox News host said to open Tuesday night’s show. “Her staff blamed bad weather. We go to locals for reaction.”

Smash-cut to a sunny day at a swimming pool loaded with frolicking canines:

“Who knows why she canceled?” Gutfeld continued. “When we asked how her week had been going, she replied, “Ruff.”

That’s two.

“Maybe it was bad weather,” Gutfeld said, “I heard it was raining cats and dogs.”


“I tried to convince her to stay and do the show, even telling her my dog has all his shots. She replied, ‘Not yet, he hasn’t.’”


“She didn’t just shoot the dog,” Gutfeld said, “she screwed the pooch.”


“She faces controversy from her new book, CBS News now claims she’s in the doghouse with MAGA – but now we know there is plenty of room. [Laughter] The house roomier? It’s funny.”

It just keeps rolling. Watch the video clip above for the full dish.


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