Greg Gutfeld Drags ‘Pathetic’ Late-Night Hosts Podcast ‘Strike Force Five’: ‘Like a Staff Meeting During COVID’ (Video)

“Wokeism… Joe Biden… Hunter… Nancy Pelosi… All of this stuff is ripe for comedy. But to these guys, it’s Trump or it’s nothing,” the Fox News host says

“The Five” is no fan of “Strike Force Five” – Fox News co-host and “king of late night” Greg Gutfeld savaged his fellow after-dark TV hosts’ video podcast, calling it “pathetic” and “like a staff meeting during COVID.”

Gutfeld, a regular on the Fox roundtable show, was weighing in on recent comments by Conan O’Brien, who said during a podcast interview last week that Donald Trump’s “greatest crime” was to ruin comedy.

By way of agreement, Gutfeld said of his late-night brethren: “I think that was their biggest mistake, they turned their back on half the country because Trump made them cry. … That’s not funny. My show is successful because we go at everything, including not just my guests, but also me. I am my biggest target and we hold everybody’s feet to the fire.”

Then Gutfeld put that fire to “Strike Force Five,” the podcast started by late-night hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and John Oliver amid the ongoing Hollywood double strike. Made to benefit the hosts’ respective writers’ rooms, “Strike Force Five” climbed to the top of Spotify and Apple Music’s podcast charts within two days of premiering.

“Meanwhile you have these other dingle berries, the hosts, they are doing Zoom calls together like a staff meeting during COVID,” Gutfeld said. “I mean, how pathetic is that?”

Gutfeld, whose Fox News show had climbed atop his late-night competitors in total viewers – though it’s not technically accurate to call it a “late-night” show because it airs at 10 p.m. Eastern across the U.S. – lamented comedians who are “crying on air or doing propagandizing videos for vaccines. That is why I think late-night is in chaos.”

“This is the funniest time to be alive,” Gutfeld said. “Wokeism is like the biggest, funniest thing ever. Joe Biden is a perfect target. Hunter is a perfect target. Nancy Pelosi. The city’s descent into this criminal farce. All of this stuff is ripe for comedy. But to these guys, it’s Trump or it’s nothing.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video clip above.