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Gwen Stefani Sued by Former Hairdresser for Allegedly Stealing ‘Spark the Fire’

Pharrell Williams also named in lawsuit over 2014 tune

Did Gwen Stefani rip off her 2014 tune “Spark the Fire” from another song? Only her former hairdresser knows for sure. Or maybe not.

Stefani and “Spark the Fire” co-author Pharrell Williams are being sued by a man who claims that the song is a ripoff of one he played for Stefani while styling her hair.

Richard Morrill, who filed his suit in federal court in Colorado on Thursday, claims that, in addition to being a hair stylist, he’s also a singer and songwriter who played his song “Who’s Got My Lightah” for Stefani while styling her hair. According to the suit, Stefani “commented that she liked it and accepted Richard’s offer of a CD with ‘Who’s Got My Lightah’ on it.”

Lo and behold, the lawsuit claims, Stefani’s “Spark the Fire” was released in 2014, and the song bears remarkable similarities to Morrill’s. To wit, the suit claims, the lyrics to “Who’s Got My Lightah” read, “Who’s got my lightah? Who got the fire? Who’s got my lightah? Who’s got my little lightah?” with “fire” pronounced “fi-ya,” while those of “Spark the Fire” read, “Who got the lighter? Let’s spark the fire. Who got the lighter? Let’s spark the fire” — again, with “fire” pronounced “fi-ya.”

Alleging copyright infringement and civil theft, the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

TheWrap has reached out to Stefani and Williams’ representatives for comment.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.