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Hacker Takes Aim at ABC After Pirating Netflix’s ‘Orange Is the New Black’

”American Broadcasting Company may be up next, ladies and gentlemen,“ The Dark Overlord writes on Twitter

The hacker who released episodes of “Orange Is the New Black” early has now taken aim at ABC.

The threat came in the form of a tweet on Friday morning, but no specific details were included in the message. “American Broadcasting Company may be up next, ladies and gentlemen,” wrote the hacker, who goes by name The Dark Overlord.

Last month, the hacker released a note claiming to have acquired the episodes of the Netflix series from Hollywood-based post-production company late last year, threatening to share them online unless the company met a ransom demand. At the time, the hacker claimed to have accessed other shows from other networks.

When Netflix did not pay the demanded ransom, the hacker released the first 10 episodes of the season, which is set to premiere on June 9.

The latest threat comes just a few weeks after Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed in a company meeting that the ABC parent company had been threatened by a hacker who claimed to have stolen a digital copy of one of the film studio’s upcoming releases.

The pirated film was reportedly last weekend’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel, though Iger said in an interview last week that he believed the threat to be a hoax.

“To our knowledge we were not hacked,” the executive told Yahoo Finance. “We had a threat of a hack of a movie being stolen. We decided to take it seriously but not react in the manner in which the person who was threatening us had required.”

“We don’t believe that it was real and nothing has happened,” he continued.