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Andi Matichak on ‘Halloween’ Co-Star Jamie Lee Curtis: ‘She Really Took Me Under Her Wing’ (Video)

Actress plays Laurie Strode’s granddaughter in new horror film that opens Friday

Andi Matichak plays Jamie Lee Curtis’ granddaughter in the new “Halloween” film, and Matichak says that the famous actress started mentoring her before they started filming.

“She has been an incredible mentor to me this entire process,” Matichak said in an interview with TheWrap’s Beatrice Verhoeven. “Before I even got down to set, she sent me a message to welcome me to the family and introduce herself, saying, ‘we’re so excited to have you here.’ The second I got down to set, she took me dinner and gave me a full history lesson of ‘Halloween,’ like start to finish, which was the best thing in the world and then from there, she really took me under her wing.”

While Curtis is the “scream queen” and one of the most famous actresses in the world, Matichak was really excited to meet Judy Greer, who would play her mother in the David Gordon Greer-directed horror film.

“Judy Greer is somebody I was really nervous to meet because I love her so much,” she said. “I had loved her for so so long, I was like, what if she doesn’t live up to what [I expect]? I met her, and she completely shattered all expectations — she’s just as lovely and bubbly and kind and funny as you’d think.”

Matichak joined a franchise that has been around for 40 years and 10 previous films, and Michael Myers has become synonymous with the horror genre. And Myers is the definition of what scares Matichak, personally.

“The main thing that scares me is random acts of violence and that’s exactly what I find so terrifying about Michael Myers in the original and this one, is that there is really no motive, there’s really no reason, he’s going house to house and he’ll decide who he kills and he’ll decide who he spares,” Matichak said. “There really is no cause and that randomness is really scary and the facelessness of Michael [as well].”

“Halloween” will hit theaters on Oct. 19.

Watch the video above.